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haze_1986 July 30, 2012 02:24

Issue with write interval
Hi I am not sure what I did wrong here, I am running a typical pisoFoam case and I have advanced from 0.1 s to 0.5 s without any issues. However the Courant number started increasing and I reduce the delta T from 0.5 s onwards. Supposedly requiring it to save in steps 0.51, 0.52, 0.53... which is write every 0.01. But I am not sure why I am getting 0.503 everytime I run the controlDict below. Is there any mechanism that cause it to autosave before writeInterval? Please advise, thanks.

application pisoFoam;

startFrom startTime;

startTime 0.5;

stopAt endTime;

endTime 0.51;

deltaT 1e-5;

writeControl timeStep;

writeInterval 1000;

purgeWrite 0;

writeFormat ascii;

writePrecision 6;

writeCompression off;

timeFormat general;

timePrecision 6;

runTimeModifiable true;

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