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conceptone August 11, 2012 19:39

cannot find function definition in openfoam
Hi everyone, I am running the sprayFoam case and set the mass equal to one particle(very small mass) to see some problem. However, I met the floating error problem and by debug version I found it was caused by parcelsToInject fuction:
return floor((time1 - time0)*parcelsPerSecond_);

so I want to see the definition of floor function, however I didn't find the definition under src directory using the linux command:find .|xargs grep "floor".
This command can find any file including the word "floor".So how can I find the function definition?

Horus August 12, 2012 08:32

It's probably the C++ stdlib function, included from cmath:

conceptone August 12, 2012 17:18

Ok , I got it. Thanks very much!

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