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Teemo August 13, 2012 09:17

how to generate the STL surface in snappyHex mesh tutorial in OpenFOAM manual

I would like to learn snappyHex mesh in openFOAM, but I dont know how to draw the surface of the car.I would more pleased if you could pass the tutorial of the procedure of STL surface (of 3D model) generating and how to insert it into openFOAM.


smajer August 14, 2012 07:09

Perhaps you can find this useful:
There is a training course material: A comprehensive tour of snappyHexMesh


elvis August 14, 2012 07:22


you can generate an STL file with CAD software like FreeCAD, BRL-CAD or Blender (modeller).
Meshlab could be used as a converter for many file-formats to a STL-file.
To understand SHM read A comprehensive tour of snappyHexMesh
There is a new GUI-tool that supports you with snappy, it comes without a manual

If your STL-geometry has some featureedges you might also want to create an "eMesh-file" to get a better quality mesh

suryansh June 3, 2016 08:36

Links are broken
Hi Elvis

I would like to more about the GUI tool available for using snappy. The links provided for the material and the GUI are not working


elvis June 3, 2016 13:19

HELYX-OS moved from to github


A comprehensive tour of snappyHexMesh, E. de Villiers

there are more tutorials in the years (2013-2015) , so I would study the Program of that workshops

suryansh June 6, 2016 06:58

Thanks a lot for your support and assistance :)

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