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Wichard August 21, 2012 09:53

Minimum Signed Distance from .stl file
Hello everyone

I am brand new to both openFoam and the CFD-online comunity, so please bear with me if my questions are a bit simple.

I am working on interface tracking for capturing the grain regression of SRM's using LSM. given an initial .stl file how will I go about generating a minimum signed distance (MSD) function around this geometry?

I have implemented an analytical method in Matlab where for each face (triangle) in the stl file I calculate the distance to each each grid point and so build up the MSD. This is an extremely cumbersome method, made slightly more elegant by excluding gridpoints from the calculation by checking if they are closer to neighbouring faces using exclusion planes. It remains a very un effecient method.

Another Idea was to use the Fast Marching Method to build the MSD, this would however require that all the gridpoints neighbouring the surface be initialized, and how to locate them is a bit lost on me.

Any help, Ideas, or Advice would be much apreciated!

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