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samiam1000 August 29, 2012 04:33

Moving mesh
Dear all,

I am having troubles with the moving mesh.

A built a mesh and I try to move it, using the moveDynamicMesh solver.

Everything seems to be ok.

Now I am trying to apply the flux on it. And I am using buoyantPimpleDyMFoam solver.

Suddenly I get a crash. I think that it is because I have an infinite acceleration at time 0+.

How can I impose a constant acceleration instead of a constat omega?

Thanks a lot,



        type          angularOscillatingDisplacement;
        value        uniform (0 0 0);
        axis          (1 0 0);
        origin        (1. .85 -.862);
        angle0      0;
        amplitude  1;
        omega      1.570796327;

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