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yhaomin2007 August 29, 2012 17:33

About coupled solver

Does anybody know is there any opensource CFD code that has a coupled solve like FLUENT and CFX??

Thank you in advance

bigphil August 30, 2012 14:12


I presume you are talking about a block-coupled solver. Yes, OpenFOAM Extend (OpenFOAM-1.6-ext) provides block-coupled functionality. It is still under development, however, much of the hard work has been done.

If you search the forum and google for "block coupled solver", you should be able to find quite a bit about it.

Best regards,

philippose September 7, 2012 14:39

Hello and a Good day :-)!

I was curious to know whether a pressure-velocity solver for incompressible turbulent flow has been implemented within OpenFOAM using the "block-coupled" method yet (I mean.... something available in the public domain)?

I recently found a tweet by Hrv posted on 24 June 2012, where he mentioned that a solver has been implemented, but needed some tidying up.

Any idea what the current status is?

A lovely weekend ahead!!


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