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niko.kivel August 30, 2012 04:14

radiative cooling of the fluid (Ar)?
Hi FOAMers

I'm a beginner in CFD and OpenFOAM in particular.
Yet I managed to implement and solve a problem of an Ar-plasma being extracted into a vacuum chamber. The solution is stable, but the temperature seems to high.
Short description:
A vacuum chamber is held at 150 Pa and has an opening with a fixed pressure a 1 atm. The mesh is axi-symetric.
The Ar-plasma is defined to be 5000 K and is not really a plasma, it's just hot Ar.
A nice supersonic jet is forming in the vacuum.
The problem with the jet is a more or less constant temperature. The hot Ar should cool down due to the radiation. But, I have no glue how to implement that into the definitions for rhoCentralFoam.

Any ideas howto implement radiative cooling of the fluid?


olivierG August 30, 2012 09:16


You might take a look at
You will find details about the radiation loss and enthalpy.
However this is not vanilla OpenFoam, so you 'll have your hand dirty.


niko.kivel August 30, 2012 09:23


Originally Posted by olivierG (Post 379511)

Yep, found that one already. But, for a chemist, that's a lot of physics. :o

I was hoping for a simpler solution to the problem. But if there is nothing "vanilla" around, I guess I have to bury that project. :(


olivierG August 30, 2012 09:51


There is not such solver in OpenFoam, but all the piece are here:
- add radiation to rhoCentralFoam (look at a similar solver bluid with)
- then add the "plasma specific" properties

good luck !

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