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pilafa September 2, 2012 10:02

Different material properties

I have a simple problem: One rectangular domain of "fluid 1", on top of another rectangular domain of "fluid 2".
The interface between the two domains is fixed.
My problem is to define the material properties on those 2 domains.

I thought it would be trivial, but it seems it's not. :eek:
Other post on this forum discuss this, but any seems to solve this issue.
(see, for example:

Note that the cellZones of my two domains are already defined.
Any clue?

Many thanks

wyldckat September 2, 2012 15:03

Greetings Pierre,

Mmm... indicating "material properties" is a bit ambiguous... it really depends on what you are trying to solve!

For example, the tutorial "heatTransfer/chtMultiRegionFoam/multiRegionLiquidHeater" has the following mesh zones:
  • bottomWater - it's a liquid fluid (or water vapor, I honestly didn't check :rolleyes:)
  • heater - it's solid
  • leftSolid - it's solid
  • rightSolid - it's solid
  • topAir - it's air
But this establishes that there is an intermediate solid interface, thus not allowing direct fluid contact.

Now, if you want 2 fluids in direct contact, but that do not mix due to their properties... uh... I'm not sure. My guess is that you should take a look at the "multiphase" sub-folder located in the "tutorials" folder.

Best regards,

akidess September 3, 2012 02:09

If you're interface is fixed, then either cht-multiregionfoam or icofoam with a small changes to the code to allow for spatially varying transport properties is what you want.

- Anton

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