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yhaomin2007 September 5, 2012 16:27

more equation in block matrix system
Hi, All Foamers:

In the block matrix system in OpenFOAM ext, how to put more than two equations into the block matrix ?
In all threads I found, people just put two equations into block matrix system.

Should I write a class named vector3 or vector4 and tensor3 or tensor4 to form the block in block matrix? Or did any body have already worked out??

I have finished the work to manipulate the matrix that are needed by the coupled algorithm. But I do not know how to put them correctly into the block matrix system.

thank you all in advance.

elvis September 6, 2012 08:33


=> Summary
Challenge 5: Multiple equations with strong coupling: sparse-on-dense matrix class. Discretisation for “obvious” block-coupling; segregated discretisation is currently re-packed into block coefficients. Promising – work in progress

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