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dkxls September 15, 2012 15:15

sprayFoam void fraction

I'm curious how the void fraction is taken into account in the "new" sprayFoam solver - if at all. I have searched the source code and found the voidFraction class, but it's not clear to me how the the link to the continuous phase is made - again if it is done at all!

Hope somebody can explain it briefly and/or point out some further reading on that topic.

So far I have been using the dieselFoam stuff, where void fraction is definitely not taken into account (as stated here

Best regards,

niklas September 16, 2012 13:33

still the same answer. it isn't.

look at the momentum equation for instance, only rho and U in there.

dkxls September 16, 2012 13:39

Thanks for the quick answer!

Well, I assumed it since I saw no evidence in the mass or momentum equation. I just wanted to be sure to not miss something. :)

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