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nimasam September 16, 2012 08:26

Riemann solver
hi friends

1) does OpenFOAM has any Riemann solvers (

2) Are Reimann solvers used only for Euler equation or it can be used for solving full Navier-stokes equation?

3) whats the advantages and disadvantages of using these solvers than PISO or SIMPLE algorithm to solve equations?

immortality April 19, 2013 14:15

hi dear Nima
I had heard Riemann invarient to be a boundary condition not a solver.
I found it:

    secondOrder no;            // activate 2nd order extensions
    multidimLimiter yes;        // Switch between 1D and mutliD limiters
    epsilon 5;                // VK constant
    limiterName vanAlbadaSlope; // vanAlbadaSlope, MinmodSlope, vanLeerSlope

in this thread:
do you know where is its code? I couldn't find by searching.
obtain any information let me know.

wyldckat April 19, 2013 18:00

Greetings to all!

FYI: Ehsan asked about the "Riemann" feature at another thread and I answered in post #2 on that thread:

@nimasam: feel free to add any more information!

Best regards,

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