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Sargam05 September 27, 2012 12:34

Floating point exception when runnning elasticThermalSolidFoam
Hello everybody,

I am solving a 2D square block case where temperature is changing only in y direction with zero displacement field at time=0. I am using pre calculated temperature values and fvScheme are not calculating for ddt scheme. My mesh is 100X100.

I have compiled elasticThermalSolidFoam solver for not calculation ddt scheme.

When I am running my case it is showing following problem:
Create time

Create mesh for time = 0

Reading field U

Patch bottomSurface Traction boundary field: U
Patch right Traction boundary field: U
max(detdd) = 2.75066e-32
min(detdd) = -1.11187e-48
average(detdd) = 2.32475e-33
max(detdd) = 2.75066e-32
min(detdd) = -6.84228e-49
average(detdd) = 2.33578e-33
nAddCells/nCells = 0.0198
Reading field T

Selecting rheology model linearElastic
Reading thermal properties

Selecting thermal model constant
surface method chosen for calculation of sigmaExp

Calculating displacement field

Time: 1

Solving for U using GAMG, residual = 1
Solving for U using GAMG, residual = 0.951875
Floating point exception

Does anyone have any idea why this problem is coming and how to fix it?

Thanks in advace.

Best regards,

Sargam05 September 27, 2012 16:30

Hello everybody,

I have solved the problem which I have mentioned above. I have changed my BCs and now it is working :)

Best regards,

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