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hawkeye321 October 1, 2012 13:26

Call face value of a parameter
I am trying to solve a set of equations in the following form
+ (Density/gL)*fvm::div(phi, U)
- (Visc)*(fvm::laplacian(U))
- GravityVector*g*Density*((BetaT*(T-TNot))+BetaC*(C-CNot))
+ fvm::Sp(gL*Visc/Perm,U)
Perm is the permeability which is calculated by the following relation

Perm[celli] = (pow(SDAS.value(),2))*pow((gL[celli]),3)/(180*(pow((1-gL[celli]),2)));

Is there any way to make sure that the permeability at the cell face is calculated by mean harmonic interpolation?

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