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NGH October 10, 2012 03:00

OpenFoam MeshCheck

I have created a mesh in ICEM and the mesh checked is ok without any error. I imported it into OpenFoam and conduct the meshCheck. it failed due to 1 skew face. I tried reading into fluent and the mesh is ok as well.

How can I locate the skew face in ICEM and repair it? Also in Openfoam, what is the limit in skewness and how does it define skewness? Thanks a lot for any advice

kev4573 October 10, 2012 11:41

When you run checkMesh, does it write out the skew face sets? If so, you could probably use the setSet or setsToZones utility to create *.vtk files to locate the skew faces.

I think this is where the skewness is computed in openfoam - .

Kind regards,

NGH October 10, 2012 20:41


Thanks for the reply. How do I use the setToZones utility? The checkMesh does wrote out the set that is a skew face. Thanks

Chris Lucas October 11, 2012 02:54


openfoam can handle cases where checkMesh returns failed. To my knowledge, checkMesh was write in a time when openFOAM wasn't as stable as it is today. If the mesh is ok in ICEM, it should be ok.

How to locate "bad cells", have a look at this thread:


Tobi October 11, 2012 07:38


skewedFaces are normally not a problem. In general you are able to solve your case but sometimes the faces make problems.

The sets you wanna visual in paraview is very easy to handle:

foamToVTK -faceSet skewedFaces (or sth. like that)
Or like the other guys told you:
Utility setSet

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