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aerospain October 10, 2012 09:57

Velocity cylindrical components from OpenFOAM
Hi all!

I would like to ask for confirmation of what I'm thinking I'm getting out of an axisymmetric run with OpenFOAM.

Both from sampling during or after calculation and saving data from ParaView, I get velocity components as U:0, U:1 and U:2, and coordinates as Points:0, Points:1, Points:2.

I understand the Points coordinates are in X,Y,Z format. But, I would like to have confirmation if the velocity is in radial, axial and tangential components since I have defined two 'wedge' bc's and an 'empty' bc, which will tell OpenFOAM where are my tangential, radial and axial directions, won't they?

Thanks in advance!

LarsPT October 16, 2012 08:56

Hi aerospain,

in my opinion you will always get x-, y-, and z-components in OpenFOAM, although you specified wedge BCs. However, you can compute the radial, tangential, and axial components in Paraview by using the common transformation between Cartesian and cylindrical coordinates, and implement them using the calculator filter.

Best regards

aerospain October 17, 2012 07:09

Thanks Lars,

That sounds interesting. Could you tell me which *.C source file is the one calculating the vectorField, please? I might be able to decipher which I'm getting.


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