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babakflame October 21, 2012 03:08

unsteady flamelet
Dear All
I have found that rhoPisoFoamFlamelets solver in libsmooke can solve turbulent non-premixed flames using unsteady flamelet models. I have downloaded libopensmooke and its user guide. Its release date is september 2010. Nevertheless, it was written in the user guide that it does not contain rhoPisoFoamFlamelets solver. Plz hint me how can I find this solver.

francesco_capuano November 11, 2012 14:11

I asked exactly the same question in:

and there you can find a reply with some infos. Did you manage to find the solver somewhere?

P.s. let me just clarify a point: as far as I understood, the solver we are looking for uses a steady laminar flamelet model into an unsteady algorithm. The flamelet libraries should be the same, and they solve the steady flamelet equations. Please correct me if I'm wrong.

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