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adilrasheedonline October 24, 2012 05:34

OpenFOAM for Wind Engineering applications
Hi all,

I have been using my own codes for simulating air flow in complex terrains. However, I am now seriously considering a switch to OpenFoam as it will allow me to investigate more complex cases. I am curious to know if I could find people working in similar fields. Life will be so much easier then. I am at the moment planning to set up cases for the Bolund and Askerveien hill. Anyone already working on similar problems or interested to work with me in future ?


hananfoam October 28, 2012 08:23

Hi adil,

I am working on this very issue, complex terrain atmospheric boundary layer flow simulation with OpenFOAM. You can look at the openfoamwiki at the sig group wind energy which i am trying to organize (not very efficiently though). There is also a conference this march in Germany on OpenFOAM and wind energy.

would love to discuss working on these issues together. I'm struggling in making the transitions from DEM data to mesh as code driven rather then gui driven (using SAGA-gis at the moment) for instance, using the Bolund case data for this.


ashvinc9 March 31, 2013 20:15

Hi Adil,
Do you still work with Bolund hill case? From last few months, I have started working on large eddy simulation for Bolund hill flow. It would be nice to discuss/share the informations regarding the Bolund case. Have you done any simulation for Bolund hill case?

JR22 April 2, 2013 10:57

I am new to OpenFoam and I am also undusting my knowledge of turbulence modeling while I am at it. Would love to be a part of any working group that develops here, and will likely turn into a contributor in the future.

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