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ben1793 November 2, 2012 12:05

Heat transfer (Conduction)
Hello :)

I am fairly new to OpenFOAM and have come to understand the basics of snppyHexMesh with the help of others on this forum.

Now I would like to create a heat transfer simulation, basically what I want to do is have a heat source sitting on top of a frame (which will be in STL format) so that I can see how far the heat travels through the frame through conduction, is there any tutorials that can show me how to do this or any tutorials already on OpenFOAM that do something similar?

Thank you in advance.

romain.h November 2, 2012 18:39

you should first check out the tutorial basic/laplacianfoam/flange.

Since you have a .stl, you will have to make you own mesh. You can use snappyHexMesh :)

After that, you will have to set-up your boundary conditions as it is done in the flange tutorial.
With this tutorial, a fixedValue is used and not a heat source.
If you want a heat source, you have two possibilities, the first one is to use a special boundary conditon (wallHeatFlux, or externalWallHeatFlux).
The other possibilitie will be to modify the laplacianFoam solver to include an heat source.
It is fairly easy and explained here

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