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Anisline November 5, 2012 11:28

related to yplus
Hi everyone,

reading through this forum i've been able to find most of the answers i was looking for, but i have still some doubts related to yplus that i hope someone can clarify:

1. Is it possible to control the y+ values of my grid somehow with sHM fixing a min/max value somewhere? Or do I have to play instead with the expansionRatio/finalLayerThickness/minThickness in the addLayersControls from the snappyHexMeshDict?

I have values from 4 to 120 and i would like to increase the min value til 30 as i would like to use wall functions...

2. Supposing that i don't change my actual mesh, what i've understood from other posts (correct me if i'm wrong) is that i can still use wall functions, using "omegaWallFunction" for omega and "nutUSpaldingWallFunction" for nut (i'm using kw sst model), but in this case, which condition do i use for k?? zeroGradient?? or kqRWallFunction??

Thanks :)

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