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vbchris November 21, 2012 22:34

bubbleFoam limitations
I am currently using bubbleFoam in one of my projects.

I has read the wiki for this solver and was wondering if anyone knows of any work done in the following areas:

1) The diameter of the particles1 constituting the dispersed phase is assumed to be constant. Aggragation, breakage and coalescence phenomena are not accounted for

2) The drag coefficient is computed as a blend of the drag coefficients evaluated for each phase on the basis of the phase fractions, and no alternative drag models are available

Any info on this would be greatly appreciated!



kwardle November 26, 2012 12:49

1) This is true. I know there have been a few people around (including myself) that have implemented population balance with breakup and coalescence--FYI, multiphaseEulerFoam IS set up to accept new non-constant diameter models though the only one implemented in the release version is isoThermalDiameter (vary bubble size with pressure).

2) This is true of bubbleFoam, but NOT true of twoPhaseEulerFoam. See twoPhaseEulerFoam/interfacialModels/dragModels.


kwardle November 26, 2012 12:50

On the issue of dragModels. I should also mention that multiphaseEulerFoam at least is able to compute the drag with a specified dispersed phase OR in a blended way. The desired method is defined in transportProperties.

vbchris February 16, 2013 18:11


Originally Posted by kwardle (Post 394240)
there have been a few people around (including myself) that have implemented population balance with breakup and coalescence

Thanks for the reply Kent, did you implement a QMOM or Monte Carlo solution? This is something I would like to add to my current solver. Any chance you could point me to references/resources you found helpful?


kwardle February 28, 2013 17:54

I am working on reduced population balance models similar to the one used in:
Drumm, C.; Attarakih, M.; Hlawitschka, M. W. & Bart, H.-J. One-group reduced population balance model for CFD simulation of a pilot-plant extraction column Ind. Eng. Che. Res., 49, 3442-3451 (2010).
The basis for this is multiphaseEulerFoam which can do the Euler-Euler part for the population balance, but also can do the VOF-type sharp interface that I need for my particular multiphase application.

Luis Silva has implemented DQMOM solvers in OpenFOAM. One of his papers that talks of this is:
L. F. L. R. Silva and P. L. C. Lage, Development and implementation of a polydispersed multiphase flow model in OpenFOAM. Comp. & Chem. Eng. 35, pp. 26532666 (2011).
Daniele Marchisio has also developed an OpenFOAM PBE solver(s). There is one paper mentioning it here.

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