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hawkeye321 December 3, 2012 22:37

convergence in PISO loop of icoFoam

I am simulating a laminar double diffusive natural convection with phase change in OF. The solver is mainly based on icoFoam. AFter postprocessing the results, I see that in the two phase (solid/liquid) region I have flow into the wall, which indicates that my solution is not fully converged. The tolerance for linear solvers are 1e-5, and for the PISO loop parameters in the fvsolution I have set

nCorrectors 2;
nNonOrthogonalCorrectors 0;
convergenceCriterion 1.0e-5;
pRefCell 0;
pRefValue 0;
p 1e-5;
U 1e-5;
// Add other variables here
Since I have flow into the wall, my residuals should be higher than the 1e-5 in the residualControl; and, as far as I can tell, I get no warning about this from the OF. So can anyone help me to figure out
(1): why why does the OF gives me a solution which does not satisfy the residuals I have set?
(2): Does specifying or not specifying the residualControl in the fvsolution has any effect on the simulation?

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