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oscar_urri December 5, 2012 15:11

Laplacian term in SimpleFoam
hi everyone,

i'm trying to introduce a source term directly in the pressure equation in simpleFoam,

fvm::laplacian(rAU, p) + rAU*lap == fvc::div(phi)

it seems to work, the pressure results are correct but when it comes to the velocity it seems to explode,

i think it might be because the laplacian term uses linear schemes by default,

laplacian((1|A(U)),p) Gauss linear corrected;

i tried to use the upwind schemes

laplacian((1|A(U)),p) Gauss upwind corrected;

but i doesn't work,

so my question is, does the laplacian term only accepts the linear schemes?

thanks in advance


fumiya December 5, 2012 18:26


You might want to have a try the following:
laplacian((1|A(U)),p) Gauss upwind phi corrected;

The interpolation scheme specified in laplacian is used to
interpolate 1|A(U) from the cell centers to the cell faces,
and the upwind interpolation scheme needs phi to determine
the upwind direction.

Hope that helps,

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