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Ahmed Khattab December 17, 2012 14:04

problem with chtMltiRegionFoam
Hi Foamers,

i experienced a problem with chtMultiRegionFoam solver. i want to simulate flow of fluid inside tube with different temp. i successfully made region and run blockMesh, topoSet, splitMeshRegion, changeDictionary, but when ran chtMultiRegionFoam it gave this output in the log file.

Region: fluid Courant Number mean: 0 max: 0
Region: tube Diffusion Number mean: 1.1455094e-06 max: 2.0325246e-06
deltaT = 983.99791

this message appeared even i made the temp. of the two regions equal.

can any body help ??

Ahmed Khattab December 26, 2012 14:05


it is solved now it was issue of boundary conditions.

good day,:)

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