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hfsf December 26, 2012 03:12

interTrackFoam and bubbleInterTRackFoam problems
Hi there,

I'm currently working with the surface tracking solvers for OpenFOAM-1.6ext, interTrackFoam and bubbleInterTrackFoam. My goal is to simulate the falling of a water drop in a jet-fuel medium, and the transport of a solute from the drop to the bulk outer phase. By now I'm making some experiments to play with the drop deformation.

I modified the bubbleInterTrackFoam tutorial case (my drop has a radius of 1.5mm) and inserted the chemical-physical parameters of my sytem, and I'm getting absurd Courant Numbers and the simulation is blowing. Recently in a paper in I saw that the surface tracking solvers were designed to deal with low density ratios (no further informations, just this exactly spare statement), and the one found in my system is about 0.7. Is this the reason of my error? Can I do something to simulate my system with those solvers?

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