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hz283 January 2, 2013 16:51

implementation of combustion in fireFoam 1.6-1.0
Hi All,

I read the source codes of fireFoam 1.6-1.0, and have some questions about how the combustion is implemented in this code. The source is downloaded from the website:

In this code, the equations about density, momentum, mixture fraction and mixture fraction variance, pressure, total enthalpy as well as the corresponding turbulence quantities are solved. However, in all these equations, there is no combustion source terms solved. For example, in the enthalpy equation:
fvm::ddt(rho, h)
+ mvConvection->fvmDiv(phi,h)
- fvm::laplacian(turbulence->alphaEff(), h)
+ fvc::div(phi/fvc::interpolate(rho)*fvc::interpolate(p))
- p*fvc::div(phi/fvc::interpolate(rho))
+ radiation->Sh(thermo)

The terms in the RHS of the above expression are Dp/Dt+radiation source terms.

Does anybody have experience in using this code? Thank you in advance.

best regards,

adhiraj January 3, 2013 16:04

The total enthalpy equation should not have a chemical reaction term,
unless I am missing something.

hz283 January 3, 2013 16:07

yes, you are correct. I did not question the correctness of this equation, I am just ask the question about how the combustion is implemented. I read the fireFoam related papers and have already had some understanding now.

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