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hawkeye321 January 15, 2013 16:53

running openFOAM on network
Hi foamer
I am trying to run Openfoam on two machines, but I get this error:

ssh: Could not resolve hostname r-soll41: Name or service not known

The machine file is in text format and contains:
and I am running from r-soll34.

Do you have any idea why I get this error?
Do you have any step by step manual showing how to set SSH settings on the machines?

Linse January 16, 2013 05:12

No guarantee, Mahdi, I'm just poking at some minor points having only minor experience with ssh-connected machines. But how do you try to use the machinefile?

If I remember correctly, the basic run command should look something like:
mpirun -np 8 -hostfile machines rhoPimpleFoam -parallel
with 8 being the number of your cores and "machines" being the machinefile.
The rest should be clear, I think...

If it really is a SSH-specific problem unfortunately I can not help any further. But the error message to me simply looks like the name of the remote host was passed on like a command, not like an option to sum run-program...

sail January 16, 2013 10:55

you should edit you host file (ususally is in /etc/host but might depend on distro) and add a line with

r-soll41 iPAddressOfTheMachine

in addition to this, have you set up passwordless ssh access on the 41 machine?

what happens if you try to connect manually with ssh to the server?

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