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Shriya February 4, 2013 07:44

Temperature discontinuity at interface - laplacianFoam
Hello everybody,

At the outset I'd like to add that I am a beginner at using OpenFOAM. I'll provide a quick description of the problem I am facing:

I am working with heat transfer between a metal and a polymer, using laplacianFoam. At the interface between the two, I need to implement the following boundary condition:

kc * (dTc/dn)_int = -kp * (dTp/dn)_int = hi * (Tp - Tc)_int

This condition arises out of the temperature discontinuity at the interface. I know the values of kc, kp, and hi. I have to be able to determine the values of Tp and Tc at the interface. This is where my problem arises. I have looked up the groovyBC implementation, and I have understood how it is to be used in cases like this one below:

(dT/dn)_w=h/k (T_w -T_inf). h and T_inf are given, k is the conductivity of the solid material and T_w is the wall temperature (Varies during the computations and along BC patch).

Taken from:

Unlike the above scenario, I have both temperatures Tc and Tp at the interface that vary with computations. And I don't know how to deal with this using groovyBC. :confused:

Could someone please give me some ideas?

Best regards,

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