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tmu February 5, 2013 06:50

OpenFOAM- Low Mach Number Formulation for Combustion
Hi Dear Friends,
I want to know if anybody tried to simulate combustion using low mach number model in OpenFOAM.
I would be appreciate if anybody can help me
Are there any solver for modeling reacting flow with Low mach number Formulation?

hz283 February 5, 2013 18:44

fireFoam 1.6.0 is the one you want--Low ma number. Others are not as far as I know. They are incompressible or compressible, but obtaining the Low ma number solver only needs very small modification based on the compressible codes.

tmu February 6, 2013 02:29

Thank you for response
I want to simulate combustion in tube (3D) and channel (2D).
and I think reactingFOAM is a suitable solver
but I dont know How to change this solver for Low mach number flow.
Can you give me some help that I can develop this solver?
thank you so much

kalle February 6, 2013 03:24

If your thermodynamic pressure can be considered constant throughout the simulation (i.e. not a piston engine), you'll find what you need to change here:

This was for OF 1.5, but the change of reactingfoam-2.1 is straight forward.

The solver works good, and has generated a number of papers:

Duwig, Christophe, Sébastien Ducruix, and Denis Veynante. "Studying the Stabilization Dynamics of Swirling Partially Premixed Flames by Proper Orthogonal Decomposition." Journal of Engineering for Gas Turbines and Power 134 (2012): 101501.

Duwig, Christophe, et al. "Large Eddy Simulations of a piloted lean premix jet flame using finite-rate chemistry." Combustion Theory and Modelling 15.4 (2011): 537-568.


piccinini February 6, 2013 21:19


You may see if it helps:

I've adapted dieselFoam 1.7 for a spray simulation in low Mach number. "pd" is the hydrodynamic pressure and "p" is the thermodynamic one. I considered the case of "p" being constant only.

tmu February 9, 2013 13:15

Thank you for your response.

tmu February 27, 2013 14:12

Boundary Condition- Low mach number in combustion
Hi Friends
I am working on simulation combustion in channel. I change reactingfoam for solving low mach formulation. now I have some question about p.

1. I have a open system, and I set preff = 101325 (1 atm), Is it true?
2. for pd (pdynamics), I set
Inlet boundary : zero gradient
outlet boundary: constant 101235
but I think this is wrong because pd is calculated between 101325 , 101225
and according relation P=Pd+Preff so P is 2 atm
Whereas in reference are said Pd<<preff
which boundary condition must I use for pdynamic?
Initial condition for pd is important?
thanks a lot

ozgunoglu October 1, 2017 07:04

Boundary Condition- Low mach number in combustion
Hi Anderson,

I have the same problem for the initial and boundary conditions. Did you get any solution.

upadhyay.1 October 1, 2017 13:53

Low Mach Formulation
Hi Friends,
I have to develop a low Mach solver as my bachelor's project to simulate combustion of Sandia Flame D.
1.) I can't completely understand what is thermodynamic and dynamic pressures.
What I get thermodynamic is used in an equation of state while dynamic pressure is used in pressure equation. Right? and How we actually get this division of pressures?
2.) Is simpeFoam is a low-mach solver?
3.) If yes can we add an equation of state to get the low Mach solver along with other equation?

atulkjoy October 1, 2017 22:56

Any where you don't solve density much more dependent on pressure change like rho/p is low Mach number solver you can see fireFoam and reactingFoam solvers based on psi n rho model also Piso n pimple formulation

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upadhyay.1 October 2, 2017 03:30

Thank you Atul for the reply!
Could you please explain what do you mean by density much more dependent on pressure change?

atulkjoy October 3, 2017 01:41

Like supersonic flows where Mac h no is greater than 1 and effects of compressiblility are well seen in pressure while in low MACh no solver you don't have density coupled pressure solution n pressure is coupled with velocity

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ab2484 October 16, 2017 07:28

Hello everyone,

I'm having the same problems. I need to develop a Low-Mach version of reactingFoam 4.x, so I look forward to read some useful advices.

I had a look at the solver developed by Mr. Nogenmyr, but I still can't understand everything.


malaboss December 13, 2017 12:12

Hello all,
I have recently been developing a solver for this exact purpose: low-Mach number solver for variable density flows. This is oriented towards combustion applications, but can also be applied to other contexts. The solver was also designed to minimize kinetic energy dissipation which is critical for Large eddy simulations (LES) and Direct Numerical Simulations (DNS).
Extensive verification and validation is provided in the paper. We have been using it successfully for other purposes like soot production, spray flames and ignition problems.

The paper can be found here

There is also a version available on arXiv if you don't have access to the journal.

I hope it will help some of you !


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