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tonggysun February 6, 2013 19:25

extracting outlet velocity profile from one case to another case's inlet

I'm very new to openFoam. Currently I'm working on an interFoam case where there is a rectangular vent with air inlet on one side and pressure outlet on the other. Somewhere along the vent, fluid enters at the bottom of the vent. Let's call this the vent case.

To examine the boundary condition of the fluid inlet and save iteration time, I have also made an icoFoam case which models a chamber with curved exit nozzle where there is fluid inlet at the bottom of chamber and a pressure outlet at the end of the nozzle (which corresponds to the fluid inlet of the vent case). Let's call this the liquidSupply case.

I have successfully modelled the liquidSupply case and with the 'sample' utility, I have obtained the U vectors (velocity profile) of the exiting fluid at the pressure outlet.

Question: How do I extract this velocity profile and make it the boundary condition for the fluid inlet of the vent case. Both have inlet/outlet have the exact same patch geometry.

ps. I'm also new to coding so please give as elaborate advices as possible. Thanks!

RodriguezFatz September 12, 2013 05:21

I am interested in that, too. Anyone can help?

cfdonline2mohsen September 13, 2013 04:19

Dear tonggysun
Have a look at the following post#2

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