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Ank February 18, 2013 01:27

Natural convection on finned tube kept in the open

I am simulating one horizontal tube (25mm OD) kept in the open (atmosphere) with some constant heat flux, so the flow around it is by natural convection. I am making a domain (1 X 1 X 1 m) around it, and I am little confused with the boundary conditions on the domain surfaces. I am trying it with inletOutlet velocity BC and pressure as atmospheric, can someone suggest me what kind of BCs are appropriate for this case.


tunkers February 20, 2013 23:05

Hello Ankur, Maybe this thread is helpful for your natural convection boundary condition problem:

Ank February 20, 2013 23:56

Hey Eric,

Thanks for your reply, right now I am running it with a closed room, but I will try it with open outlet also as you have suggested.
You have mentioned there you have not Boussinesq approximation for your case. Can you please explain me more what is the criterion of using Boussinesq approximation for air.

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