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nagendra verma March 1, 2013 00:18

Problem on Installing Gpu plugin for OpenFOAM on RHEL-5.1
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I have Installed OpenFOAM-2.1.x in Double precision
I want to install Gpu-pluin.
I have downloaded 1.2.Classic from
As mentioned in README.txt
Plugin source can be downloaded from svn
svn checkout
but I am unable to download.
If I have downloded 1.2.Classic then what is need of downloading plugin from svn, Is 1.2.Classic is not Plugin.
If 1.2.Classic is a plugin then.
after cd 1.2.Classic
command wmake libso
giving Errors in PBiCG_accel.C and PCG_accel.C files.I am not getting what cause these errors.
I am attaching make.log file which is generated by command wmake libso

please help me .


wyldckat March 2, 2013 09:05

Hi Nagendra,

I've seen now that you've gotten an answer at the official SpeedIT forum:
They should be the best people to answer your questions on this topic!

Good luck!

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