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hesamgh March 4, 2013 04:01

How to separate the porous region?

would you please explain me how do you separate the porous region in opoenFoam?



Originally Posted by Se9a (Post 285916)
I try to use a porousSimpleFoam solver to simulate a flow in a 2D channel from two equal parts, a free flow part and a porous part (wall's type set in the 'slip' for simplicity):

Base case is a angleDictImplicit.

My results are a good p, but strange oscillating U.
On the next sctrutured mesh:

I get this solution:

Velocity field is:

One can see what velocity is good but slightly oscillated on porous boundary. So, question is:

Are such oscillations caused by a stepwise porous source? If yes, how can I specify smooth porous source?

But more bad situation have place on non-structured mesh.
Mesh is

Solution is:

One can see very oscillating velocity in the porous region.
So, why this happens? Non-orthogonal correction not helped.


wyldckat March 4, 2013 18:58

Greetings Hesam and welcome to the forum!

I've moved your post to a new thread, because the other thread was already a bit old.

As for your question, please study the following two tutorials:
  • OpenFOAM's tutorial "incompressible/porousSimpleFoam/angledDuctImplicit". It uses the cell zone definitions directly in "blockMeshDict".
  • This one is an adaptation of the previous tutorial, but using snappyHexMesh:
Best regards,

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