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sasanghomi March 9, 2013 19:44

Where is the attach/Detach face?
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Dear foamers ,

I want to simulate an engine with sonicTurbDyMEngineFoam and simpleEngineTopoFVmesh library....

Can anyone explain where is the attach or detach boundary?
I attached two pictures (from articles-authors : prof.jasak&Prof.luchini)
there is a chamfer at the end of the manifold (both 2D and 3D case)..what is it? in the 2D case is it a face or an edge? in the 3D case is it a volume or a face?
Does the fluid flow go through inside of it(when the valve closed)???? If yes, So where is attach or detach face??
If the fluid flow go through inside of the chamfer I think there is no any face (in your boundary faces) that it can close the manifold completely....
please anyone show me where is the attach or detach face????
I approciate any help...

Thanks and best regards,

sasanghomi March 12, 2013 10:11

I appreciate any help...
where is the valve detach/attach face?
Is it a horizontal patch above the valve (that specified by using faceSet)? Or it is a patch that constructed from faces of valve?


mturcios777 March 12, 2013 12:48

The attachDetach faces are the regions that will alternate between being open and being a wall to simulate the opening/closing of the valve, as otherwise you have to remesh to close/open the valves. I've usually seen it as a set of faces defined between the poppet top and valve seat, perpendicular to both.

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