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greenleader March 14, 2013 10:42

No forces.dat file - any clues please?
Hi everyone,
I have searched the forum and found various useful posts on forces. I've put the necessary lines into the controlDict.
When I run simpleFoam, I don't get any errors or warnings, but there is no sign of the forces.dat file.
Can anyone give me some clues as to what I might be missing? or where I should look for it?

Thanks in advance

I do get a warning that says:
"Could not find U,p or rho in database. De-activating forces."

A.Wendy March 15, 2013 05:16

have you fixed it? if not posting the control dict would be helpful



greenleader March 15, 2013 10:25

Hi Andy, thanks for replying!
Here is my controlDict file - no have not managed to fix it yet!:confused:
Any pointers are appreciated!


    version    2.0;
    format      ascii;
    class      dictionary;
    location    "system";
    object      controlDict;

application    simpleFoam;
startFrom      latestTime;
startTime      0;
stopAt          endTime;
endTime        100;
deltaT          1;
writeControl    timeStep;
writeInterval  50;
purgeWrite      0;
writeFormat    ascii;
writePrecision  6;
writeCompression off;
timeFormat      general;
timePrecision  6;
runTimeModifiable true;

        type forces;
        functionObjectLibs (""); //Lib to load
        enabled    true;
        outputControl timeStep;
        outputInterval 1;
        patches (XXXX); // change to your patch name
        rhoInf 1.225; //Reference density for fluid
        CofR (-1.0 -6.35 0.5); //Origin for moment calculations
        log true;
        pName p;
        UName U;

greenleader March 16, 2013 10:39

Managed to fix it.
I had left out
rhoName rhoInf;

on the bottom of the file!!

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