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elephantwalker March 18, 2013 12:27

old nalba site
I just noticed the old nalba website.. in particular this programmers documentation:

Also of importance is this link to one of the seminal papers for FOAM:

much of this must be old hand to experience users, however the programmers guide, although slighly out of date, and the FOAM paper from 1998 explain much of the "why this" and "where to find" in openfoam, at least for me.

The current documentation could use a programmers guide :).


wyldckat March 18, 2013 18:17

Greetings Lawrence,

OpenFOAM still (and always!?) carries a Programmers Guide. Check inside the folder "OpenFOAM-2.*/doc/Guides-a4". You can also access online:

But be careful: there are probably still some outdated details in this document, even though it has been updated. Search this forum for more information about the programmers guide and you should find a few indications of some of the outdated details...

Best regards,

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