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maxmeinicke April 1, 2013 14:19

momentum source and pressure oscillation
Hi guys,

I am solving a case with a solver derived from pimpleFoam 2.2.x, where I add a momentum source term into the UEqn.

When solving and watching the initial residual for pressure p, oscillation occurs. With disabled momentum source, no oscillation occurs. The initial pressure residual alternates every time step with magnitude of 10.


timesteps 2n: 1e-4
timesteps 2n+1: 1e-5

The boundary conditions should be okay since the case is a channel with inlet and outlet. I am using k-e turbulence model.

I followed Didn't help...

So maybe someone has a solution or similar problems...

Maybe there is a problem with the pressure correction...

Feel free to answer

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