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hz283 April 6, 2013 18:30

Where is the thermoType read in the code?
Dear All,

In the solver rhoPimpleFoam, the thermodynamics models are defined in constant/ thermophysicalProperties as follows:

thermoType hPsiThermo<pureMixture<sutherlandTransport<specieT hermo<hConstThermo<perfectGas>>>>>;

I am wondering if where the themoType is read for rhoPimpleFoam. I am not proficient at C++. Thank you very much.

best regards,

Chris Lucas April 16, 2013 03:55


this depends a bit on the OF Version you use (changed in OF2.2)

In the older versions (which from your post I guess you are using) have a look at $OpenFOAM/src/thermophysicalModels/basic/psiThermo/basicPsiThermo/basicPsiThermoNew.C.

Kind Regards,

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