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johnhazel April 8, 2013 17:22

Status of ShipFoam
I would like to perform the analysis shown in this video using my own speed, wave, and hull shape definitions.

Can this be done in shipFoam?

Is there a shipFoam tutorial I could use for version 2.2 of OpenFoam?

JR22 April 8, 2013 17:33

Ship design OpenFoam: Wigley-Hull
Have you seen the wigleyHull Tutorial for OpenFoam?

The last presentation was presented at the 6th OpenFoam workshop. You might find source files associated with it at

Eric Paterson also presented the wiggley hull + training material in his presentation at the 7th OpenFOAM Workshop.

Also, take a look at this thread within this forum:

JR22 April 10, 2013 18:06

Additionally, there is something called NavyFoam:

Derived apparently from OpenFoam. Since it is derived from OpenFoam, shouldn't the code be released under the GNU license?

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