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musahossein April 23, 2013 07:55

Post Processing SloshingTank2D in OpenFOAM
Dear all:

I have a question. I am running the 2D tank sloshing problem in interDyMFoam. The tank is open to the atmosphere and there is water in the tank. Tank height is 1 meter and level of water is 0.35meter. The atmosphere is modeled as phase 0 and water as phase 1. I am interested to know the pressure from the fluid against the walls. When I sample the data for the pressure against the wall, I note the following:

1. Cells against the wall with phase value less than 1 (gas) have as much pressure as the cells with phase value 1( fluid). How is this possible when water will impart more pressure against the wall than the air.

2. One suggestion I was given that to multiply the pressure in a cell with the phase value in that cell to get the correct pressure imparted to the wall by that cell. Is this correct. If it is, then how are the pressures calculated independent of the phase fraction? Isnt one dependent on the other?

Looking forward to a response from the community. Thanks

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