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erk070 April 23, 2013 16:32

FireFOAM Pyrolysis Model
Hello all,

I am trying to evaluate whether or not the fireFOAM solver is appropriate for my needs, which are modeling flame spread over solid fuels. I have looked through the code (from openFOAM 2.1.1) and it seems that the only built-in pyrolysis model is reactingOneDim. However, the equations look three dimensional, with laplacian(kT). How does this model work? I am unsure how it would work with, say, an oddly shaped 3D object using an unstructured mesh. I would set up a case to test this, but I'm not sure how. The examples for multiregion heat transfer seem closer to what my mesh would look like, solid meshes and surrounding flow fields, rather than the fireFOAM example oppositeBurningPanels, where the solid is thin and lies on a domain boundary created by a mesh extrusion.

I know in FDS, conduction through solids is 1D; the temperature at a point depends on which direction you look at it from. I was hoping this wasn't the case with fireFOAM since my solid may not be thin, like in oppositeBurningPanels.

Jumping September 30, 2013 10:40

hello erk,

I have also read some of the codes for fireFoam. I think so as what you said: probably in fireFoam (it's 2.1.x for me), the pyrolysis model is for ONE DIMENSION simulation. You may check that both from code and from the tutorial case setup files.

What's more, it seems that fireFoam is not capable for 2D axismmetric simulation?

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