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newmancfd May 15, 2013 10:41

Question about governing equations
I'm totally new to OpenFoam, I used to use fortran to learn CFD. And in fortran, it is the user who type in the governing equations and thus we can decide directly the discretisation ways, for example if we want to use the upwind scheme for Euler equations, we jut type in (u(n+1)-u(n))/k..........

But in OpenFoam solvers, such as sonicFoam, we choose the schemes by modifying fvScheme file, which is not so clear to me, and I can't find where the governing equations are. Both of these 2 problems caused me some troubles knowing what am I doing.

So I want to know if we have the access to modify or visualise the governing equations in OpenFoam? Or is there anything can help me know better about the governing equations and schemes we have chosen?

best regards

Yu Chen

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