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kilroy May 16, 2013 13:28

interFoam modeling strategies

I am working on to modify the standard "wigley hull" tutorial that comes with OpenFOAM in such a way that the hull will be under the effect of waves. I have successfully managed to do that by using the "waves2Foam" toolbox, when the speed of the water and the wave directions are the same and I am getting very good results.

But now I want to define the speed of the water in x-direction and the wave direction making 45 degrees (30 deg, 60 deg. etc.) with the x-axis. I am trying to simulate the condition when the ship is traveling with a constant speed (speed of the water) and cutting the waves with 45 degrees.

Can I accomplish that by using "waves2Foam" toolbox?
And what would be the best modeling strategy (changing the shape of the computational domain and adding new patches, etc.)?

Can you please give me some suggestions?


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