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shuoxue May 23, 2013 04:08

Is there any help document for all OpenFOAM tutorials?
OpenFOAM gives a brief description of cases which are mentioned in the offical user guide document. However, only 3 of all tutorials are described in details. Is there any help document which consists of geometry, meshing, boundary conditions, etc, for all OpenFOAM tutorials?

nimasam May 23, 2013 04:34

short answer:
nope :D

but for every solver, you should search in internet or wiki to see whether any one write a tutorial for it or not! a source of tutorials can be find in chalmrs university

deepbandivadekar October 30, 2017 11:07

Any change this situation ?
I was hoping to work with the solvers for flow through porous media

nimasam October 30, 2017 15:31

still nope :D
google keywords and you will find bunch of information,
the solver for incompressible flow through porous media is simpleFoam or porousSimpleFoam and you will find tutorial for it

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