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zcarral May 26, 2013 03:24

Online OpenFOAM course
Dear everybody,

I am a beginner in OpenFOAM. I have seen this online course on the Internet:

What do you think about the price and contents?

nimasam May 26, 2013 06:32

it seems it has been removed from the site

elvis May 27, 2013 05:12


I saw the price is 400€ that is not a high price, and they offer (=>Students will have up to 3 months of assistance from the teachers),
topics of the course are okay in my eyes
1- Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)
2- Introduction to OpenFOAM
3- Postprocessing
4- Mesh generation (my guess blockmesh & snappyhex mesh (if helyxOS and engrid are mentioned that would be great)
5- Physical models included in OpenFOAM
6- Discretization schemes
7- Development of an own solver (if the course does that well?)
8- Parallelization

one of the teachers (Vicente Diaz Casas) gave a presentation at second OF workshop http://openfoam-extend.sourceforge.n...re_Interaction
so I guess the knowledge of the teachers is okay

but you find also free material on the internet
=> take a look at the material of the previous workshops like http://openfoam-extend.sourceforge.n...tadt/OFW7.html

zcarral May 28, 2013 12:24

Dear ninasam and elvis,

Thank you very much for the links you suggested. They are too useful but I am a beginner and I want to learn OpenFOAM as fast as possible. For this reason, I prefer a course with experienced teachers. The 3 months of assistance from the teachers is very interesting. Besides, an online course does not require expensive costs on travelling.

I will continue looking for courses and I will indicate my conclusions here.

fredo490 May 29, 2013 07:10

Well, there are several information missing. First, they don't tell on which version of OpenFoam the class is given. Second, they dont tell what is the support and how many hours of class is given.. video?pdf?live video-call? Third, I'm curious about the 3 month assistance. what level of assistance can be provided...

zcarral May 31, 2013 04:33

Concerning the level of the teachers, I checked the database SCOPUS of Elsevier and I saw that they have papers in very important international journals. In this regard, I think that the level of assistance will be appropiate.

Concerning the methodology (video, pdf, video-chat...) I have no idea. Please, if anyone applied the course it would be very helpful if he writes his comments on this forum.

zcarral June 1, 2013 06:05

OpenFoam course
I've consulted the web-page of the course and they informed that the course is mainly based on pdf documentation, but they have remote desktop connection, video conferencing, email, forums, etc.

The content of the course is 40 hours, but the maximum time to complete the course is three months. During this period of time we have assistance from the teachers.

zcarral June 8, 2013 13:00

Content of the course
Dear everybody,

I decided to do the course. The extended content of the course is this:


Chapter 1: Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)
1.1 Introduction
1.2 Discretization process
1.2.1 Discretization of the domain
1.2.2 Discretization of the governing equations
1.3 Solution of discretized equations
Chapter 2: Introduction to OpenFOAM
2.1 Introduction
2.2 Installation in Windows and Linux
2.3 Structure of a simulation in OpenFOAM
2.3.1 Preprocessing
2.3.2 Solving
2.3.3 Postprocessing
2.4 Main files and folders to execute a simulation
2.4.1 Folder tutorials Folder 0 Folder system Folder constant
2.4.2 Folder solvers
2.5 Execution of a simulation
Chapter 3: Postprocessing
3.1 Introduction
3.2 Postprocessing with paraView
3.3 Postprocessing with other softwares
Chapter 4: Mesh generation
4.1 Introduction
4.2 CAD design of the domain
4.3 Generation of the mesh
4.3.1 Commercial softwares
4.3.2 Free softwares
Chapter 5: Physical models included in OpenFOAM
5.1 Introduction
5.2 Solvers included in OpenFOAM
5.3 Tutorials included in OpenFOAM
Chapter 6: Discretization schemes and solution controls
6.1 Introduction
6.2 Discretization schemes
6.2.1 Surface normal gradient schemes
6.2.2 Gradient schemes
6.2.3 Laplacian schemes
6.2.4 Divergence schemes
6.2.5 Curl schemes
6.2.6 Temporal schemes
6.3 Solution controls
6.3.1 Solvers
6.3.2 PISO and SIMPLE controls
6.3.3 Relaxation factors
Chapter 7: Development of an own solver
7.1 Introduction
7.2 Structure of a solver
7.3 Modification of a solver
7.4 Development of a new solver
Chapter 8: Parallelization
8.1 Introduction
8.2 Decomposition of a mesh
8.3 Running a solver in parallel
8.4 Postprocessing

elvis June 9, 2013 02:59


some questions, is the course material in PDF-Files?
And can you tell me how deeply they introduce those
Commercial softwares & Free softwares.
Would be interested what they list anyway

How do you do the payment for the course?

But I think this course is really a good one for a price of 400€.

JR22 June 9, 2013 06:59

I have seen this thread come alive over and over. I went to the website and thought it was fishy because the domain name seemed amazingly weird and long to be legitimate. In reality the domain name the international character Ñ and that is what makes it look so weird in English. Now I'm 80/20. This could be legitimate or it could be a fraud (80% fraud). You should be very careful if you shell 400 Euro to somebody that claims to be something. For all I know, this website could be run by somebody who is NOT the teachers mentioned in the site. 400 Euro is not that much for a good OpenFoam course, but it is a LOT of money to give to somebody for a bunch of PDF files compiled from the web, or to lose to a fraudster.

There is at least one cfd-online member that is available for tutoring OpenFoam online (I've seen him, don't remember his name). But this person identifies himself by full name, and often posts in this forum.

Can you ask the authors/teachers to formally identify themselves and formally introduce the course in this forum? Heck, there might be many interested. But many for sure sit on the sidelines because it could very well be a total fraud. Be very careful. How in the world would I know it is legitimate unless the authors somehow validate it?

zcarral June 9, 2013 12:13

Dear JR22,

I am doing the course and everything seems Ok. I have downloaded the manuals and exercises. I have looked for this material and it is not copied from the Internet.
Concerning the teachers, I had a videochat with Carlos Rodriguez and it coincide with his Linkedin profile. However I have informed to the teacher about your suspicions for the course.
I will tell you my conclusions about this course in a few weeks.

wyldckat May 12, 2014 15:15

FYI: The posts that looked too much as advertisement to the course discussed on this thread, have been moved to the proper location on the forum:
If you want to stay up-to-date on any news regarding said course, feel free to subscribe to that thread.

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