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Hannes_Kiel June 6, 2013 13:03

Velocity dependent pressure BC
Hi Foamers,

For a case where the incoming flow is determined by a pressure jump at the inlet I need a boundary condition fulfilling following criteria:
- calculation of velocity by pressure difference -> pressureInletVelocity
- calculation of the pressure difference depending on velocity to mimic a tube system ahead of the domain in the "real world". -> Basically a variation on totalPressure.
For various reasons I don't want to model the tube system ...

I wonder whether I'm missing something and such a BC is already available or if I have to code it myself. If so, does anyone have a suggestion on what would be more stable: include the tube resistance = f(u^2) in totalPressure or in pressureInletVelocity?

Thank You and Best Regards,

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