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sagnikmazumdar June 6, 2013 17:28

I could implement the timeVaryingMappedFixedValue with the help of the 'pitzDailyExptInlet' example. I wonder what:

1. 'setAverage 0;' or 'setAverage false;' means ? It seems it is used to 'Maintain average to that of the supplied values', but why is it needed when it does 'triangulation and determines linear interpolation (triangle it is in and weights to the 3 vertices) for every face center'

2. What is the // Average '(0 0 0)' or '0' used for at the beginning of boundaryData files used to specify input data at points ?

Thanks a lot.

arnaud6 August 8, 2013 06:14

Hello, I am highly interested by the answers of the 2 questions!

If you have an answer by the time sagnikmazumdar, please tell me :)

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