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mebinitap June 26, 2013 01:37

drop on a vibrating surface
Dear all,

I am trying to model a droplet (say water) on a vibrating surface. For the surface I am using dynamicInkJetFvMesh and interDyMFoam solver. I have some doubts.

Droplet slips off the surface after some time. BC that I gave at the vib surface are the zero gradient for alpha and P_rgh and movingWallVelocity for U. Can anybody tell me if I need to incorporate some kind of friction between drop and surface ? And if so then how can that be implemented.

Secondly, a droplet on a surface is not perfectly hemispherical. So far I was using sphereToCell for it but I think its better if i could specify the contact angles. I dont know exactly how changes in contact angles are implemented in interDyMFoam.

Sry for such trivial questions.. Still hope for some reply..


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