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immortality June 29, 2013 20:10

explicit and implicit interface
when a mixing region between two phases is explicit or implicit interface?
which solver is more appropriate for each one?

chegdan June 30, 2013 15:28

One could make a higher impact on the OpenFOAM community (and probably get questions answered more quickly) by posing questions more clearly and with enough information. Please see

One could similarly refer to this wiki page for more information on how to pose questions that are more easily answered and can allow other users to understand the problem put forth by the post; contribute an experience or solution; and add to the discussion overall for the benefit of the online community.

immortality June 30, 2013 15:41

Hi Daniel.
I saw this post and got curious about the expression "explicit interface".
I want to know a little information about this if such thing exists.

chegdan June 30, 2013 15:55


One of my favorite posts that someone was curious, gave enough information, and researched the topic ahead of time was ( Just some questions for you:
  • Have you tried to search the internet for that term?
  • What about the terms "explicit interface openfoam"?
  • Even if you didn't search for the terms...if you were to guess...what do you think it means? Do you think that it is a sharply resolved interface, or a fuzzy interface where we know the actual interface is in that region...or something entirely different?
  • What if I were to use the words "interface tracking"...could that be an explicit interface method?
  • what is the difference in implicit and explicit method in general?

Good luck

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