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deji July 11, 2013 11:42

CFD Results Without Data
Hello Foamers!!!! I would like any feedback that can be rendered on this particular matter. So, I am in the process of writing my PhD thesis and do have 3 LES test cases that I've worked on. The first 2 were nicely validated with experimental data; I have not been able to find any valuable experimental measurements for the third case. I did find some data, except water was employed as the working fluid, as opposed to my computations that utilized air. What do you guys think? The third case is really interesting (vortex instability flow over horizontal heated flat plate) and really want to present it for my PhD defense. Do you guys think I can employ the same parameters as those of the water experiment in my LES air computations just to show that my results are "somewhat" reliable? Or is there no need to since my first two cases has validated my methodology?:o:o

deji July 11, 2013 23:47

Problem solved!!!!!:D

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