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eddykendo July 13, 2013 01:21

Density_based turbo with OpenFoam 2.2.0
Hi ! Foamers

I have been using OpenFoam 2.1.1 and am moving to 2.2.0.
By the way, I have questions about 2.2.0.

For this time, I want to simulate a transonic turbine blade in 3D using density based compressible solvers with SRF and MRF on it.
Which one is the best one for this in OpenFoam 2.2.0?
It seems that there is a density based compressible solver for a movign mesh like sonicDyMFoam in OpenFoam 2.2.0, but, not a density based compressible solver with SRF.

I know that there was OpenFoam 1.6 ext version with densitybasedturbo module including several transoni SRF or MRF solvers.
How can I use this module on OpenFoam 2.2.0? I want to know a procedure in detail to use it.

I will appreciate it if somone lets me know those things.

Thank you.

sam.ho February 13, 2014 02:27

Even I am in need of this information as I installed OpenFOAM 2.2.1 and want foam-extend-3.0 to simulate Radial flow Turbine ?
Anybody know how to do it ?

wyldckat February 15, 2014 13:20

Greetings to all!

@sam.ho: I'm having trouble understanding what exactly you want to do. Is it:
  1. To install foam-extend 3.0?
  2. To run a case "Radial flow Turbine"?
Best regards,

sam.ho February 17, 2014 23:47

Hi Bruno,

I am want to simulate Radial flow turbine. As i understood that this problem can't be solved using OpenFOAM 2.2.2 solvers. Hence we need to use DensityBasedturbomsolver ?
Anybody has any idea how to add these extension and run the tutorials ?

wyldckat March 2, 2014 07:05

Hi Sam,

If you need to install foam-extend 3.0, you can find instructions here:
As for having more than one OpenFOAM version/variant:

It's probably not easy to transfer certain solvers from foam-extend 3.0 to OpenFOAM 2.3, because the codes are somewhat different in certain parts.

As for installing the toolkit "DensityBasedTurbo", run these commands:

mkdir -p $FOAM_RUN
cd $FOAM_RUN/..
git clone git:// DensityBasedTurbo
cd DensityBasedTurbo/src

Then to see the tutorials for this toolkit, go into the folder "DensityBasedTurbo/run":

cd ../run
Uhm... although, it looks like this toolkit is only compatible with 1.6-ext... you can find instructions for installing that version here:

edit: I've created a wiki page for this repository:

Best regards,

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